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Christmas shopping tips

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There are several reasons why you should start Christmas shopping well in advance. 

So why shop early? The answer is that  the shops have a bigger choice of products, and the crowds are smaller, less stressful and more enjoyable.

The other reason to start Christmas shopping earlier is that you can spread your spending over a few weeks, that won’t hit your wallet suddenly. Starting to shop the gifts in October is recommended.

To shop during Black Friday Sale is great idea, just be careful and make sure that the prices are really on sale. Some retailers like to slightly increase the prices a few weeks before Black Friday Sale. We recommend to monitor the prices well in advance before Black Friday Sale.

Buying the gifts online is a great time saver, but keep in mind that the couriers are very busy around Christmas time, and there may be a delay in delivering the parcel. The ,,click and collect,, service is recommended, this way, you can be sure of getting the gift on time for Christmas. If the gift didn’t arrive in time for Christmas, just print out the photo of the gift, nicely wrap it up in the small box with the note that the gift is on its way.

If you don’t like big shopping centres then shopping in local shops is a great idea, you support the local business, and this kind of shopping gives you an enjoyable experience including the best personal advice from a shop assistant.

If you still leave your Christmas shopping at the last moment and you can’t get what you wanted, then here are a few tips that may help :

Make a gift by yourself

You can make a very personal Christmas gift by making it yourself, this unique piece is always appreciated as handmade gift is always filled with love.

Buy a second-hand product

If the shelf in the shop is empty and you can’t get the particular product, you can always buy it as a second-hand product. Nowadays, there are several online second-hand website platforms.  This way, you also save the planet by reusing the items. Just make sure you always check the condition of the product.

Buy a gift voucher from the shop if you couldn’t get the product.

If you can’t find your particular product in the shop, just get the voucher, and your loved one can buy the favourite product once it is back in stock.

We wish you happy Christmas shopping, we are delighted to see the shops are again open without Covid -19 restrictions. If you are looking for something unique and timeless for this Christmas that lasts a lifetime, then the jewellery would make a great Christmas gift. Check our web site offering 14ct fine gold and 18ct fine gold jewellery with or without a diamond on:

Merry Christmas 2022.


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