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Fast fashion jewellery

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We are living in times when fast fashion became the new normal. The pressure and competition to look the best causes us to buy more affordable and seasonal pieces. It is time to change our bad habit of buying too much of fast fashion jewellery, that harms our planet so much.


It is the way that runway high end looks get to the shop and regular consumers as fast as possible at a very low price and in huge amounts.

This is very bad for our planet!!

 It is us the consumers who have to think before buying a jewellery piece to choose to shop more sustainably.

Invest your money in jewellery that will last a long time. Doing this you immediately reduce your carbon footprint and in the end you will spend less money.Buying more pieces at a low cost, instead of rotating through your personal fine quality selection, will cost you much more money in the long run.

Jewellery from fast fashion retailers is made of alloys that tarnish after a very short period of time, rather than precious metals. With low price, mass-produced jewellery we are sending so much pollution to landfill.

It is time to decide if you want a few good quality, long-lasting pieces or a lot of pieces that look great at the moment but quickly turn into junk.

To try to keep the production cost low, the fast fashion jewellery may often have questionable sources and quickly mass-produced cheap items often may have a human cost.

Keep in mind that buying jewellery that is ethically sourced gives you a fine quality that will last a lifetime. Each piece will become a treasure with a story, an unique piece in your collection that you love and also it gives you a great feeling about helping the planet.

Buy jewellery that reflects you as a person. This kind of jewellery will always compliment any of your outfits.

Start fighting against fast fashion jewellery this Christmas!!

Support businesses that offer fine, handmade, sustainable jewellery. This will benefit you and our planet.

To help reduce the huge problem with plastic pollution Alia Jewellery, Sydney uses recyclable cardboard jewellery boxes, that can be reused as a storage or travel box for your jewellery.

We wish you very Merry Christmas 2021

Alia jewellery team, Sydney


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