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How to pack jewellery for travel

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Here are some tips for packing the jewellery for your next travel.

 1. Consider the jewellery you travel with.

 2. Take the right jewellery with you.

  • Travel with jewellery that you don’t mind losing
  • Travel with a small amount of jewellery                                                      

  3. If your jewellery is more expensive, hunt down a cheap version for    traveling. You’ll feel like yourself and look good on the road.

  1. Lock up your gorgeous diamonds, rubies, and pearls at home . When you travel, just wear something simple, don’t travel with anything you would be devastated to lose.


How to pack jewellery

 Jewellery can be a packing nightmare. Pieces are small with multiple parts. Often involving long chains that always no matter what you do, get knotted.

 Here are tips for how to pack your jewellery:


These mischievous little buggers like to wrestle and tangle themselves into a mess.

That’s why we recommend to take with you only two necklaces: an everyday and a fancier necklace. Simply wear the everyday necklace and pack the fancier one.

When packing necklaces, you have this options: straws, silk jewellery bag or small plastic bag.


Loop one end of the necklace through the straw and fasten the clasp.

 Silk Jewellery Bag

Bring a little fabric bag and drape the chain out, so the chain is around the bag’s clasp. That way the necklace won’t get tangled.

 Small Plastic Bag

Use one bag per necklace. Drape the clasp out and seal the bag with a small section of the chain on the outside.


Use a small plastic bag or tuck the rings into one of the silk jewellery bags. Keep your rings organised in a jewellery roll or organiser, if you’re traveling with one of those.


Roll up a washcloth or hand towel and slide the bracelets over the rolled up towel. Tuck the entire towel (with bracelets) into a plastic Ziplock bag to keep any bracelets from wandering off.


If you’re not travelling with a jewellery roll or organiser, you have this options:

  • Buttons
  • Cardboard (perfect for bringing more earrings)


Insert the earring through a button hole. One button per earring pair. Use one of the many spare buttons. Gather all your earring - buttons and put them in a soft jewellery pouch.


Use a piece of cardboard from a shoe box. With a pen tip punch holes in pairs into the cardboard. Insert earrings through the holes. Slide the entire cardboard into a resealable plastic bag to safeguard against any earrings running off.

 Pill Case

Use each pill compartment for a piece of jewellery. Nice, tidy, and ideal for traveling with minimal amounts of jewellery or delicate jewellery.


We hope, that this tips help you to keep the jewellery nicely neat and organised in your bag. Happy travel!!!

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