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Vermeil vs gold plated jewellery

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ALIA Jewellery is a perfect staple for everyday. It is very important to mention, that ALIA pieces are not plated, filled or vermeil. ALWAYS pure and solid 18 carat gold.

Vermeil and gold plated jewellery is common right now and you have probably come across them before. Even so, you are not alone, if you are still asking, what is the difference between them?


Typically, vermeil is the type  of the gold finished material, that is composed of a thick layer of gold over solid sterling silver. The gold portion varies from 10 karats and above for a piece to be considered vermeil, but most high-quality pieces are 14, 18 or 24 karats depending on the thickness of the jewellery.

The thickness of the gold portion is what really sets vermeil jewellery apart from simple gold plated pieces. The thickness of the gold portion in vermeil must be a hefty 2.5 microns, so more than in gold plated.

An easy way to identify vermeil is by looking for the number925. This marking means that the jewellery is 92.5% silver, so when you see it on a gold piece, you can assume it’s vermeil. The vermeil piece must have a sterling silver base -instead of brass or cheaper metals used in gold plated jewellery.

Be aware that over time, the gold layer in the vermeil piece usually gets tarnished.


In gold plating, any metal can be used as the base, and the gold layer can be of varying levels of purity. This will result in a variety of thicknesses for the gold coating.

Gold plated pieces are cheaper than vermeil jewellery, as they use any metal to create the core for the plating.

This can be steel or brass, which is dipped in gold to form a thin layer of gold plating. However, the coating can wear out eventually, leaving your jewellery with the base only.


Even though vermeil has more gold than gold plated pieces, it is important to understand, that it is not gold.

So, it's simply sterling silver with a layer of gold. You need to carefully think about this, when considering the vermeil piece.

 Many consumers find disappointing the durability of vermeil and gold plated jewellery. For shoppers on a budget, it can be better to opt for the real gold and perhaps own fewer pieces.

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